The Cheeky Brothers team is more like a family, they work together, create together, and play together.

Samuel Sparta and Brodie Harris are the driving force behind this great Western Australian business (and before you ask, no, they are not really brothers).

They came from a family business that started making old school italian pizzas in Perth back in the 60's. The pair have been working as a team for over 20 years, starting with just the pizza bases, and then expanding to fresh pizza products you know and love today.

They are now sharing the love of good food with Australia, and their products can be bought in many stores around WA, including IGA and Foodworks.

The passion is all in the creativity, in coming up with great new recipes and constantly improving quality. This is how the concept of Pizza of the Month came about, and a whole new range of products.

Keep an eye on the Cheeky Brothers Instagram and Facebook pages, because you never know what exciting new things might be coming from office and factory!